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It’s that time of year again, intramurals have started! I spent a bulk of my days going to school and doing school related work so it’s nice to be able to unwind for an hour or so. I love sports. I’m a big baseball nut, I watch games from the start of Spring Training to the last game of the World Series and I make sure to keep up with all those ridiculous numbers involved. I watch Football every Sunday during football season and know my fair share of statistics there as well. Every March I have a bracket ready for March Madness and watch games all day hoping that my bracket is at least half right (Duke and Mizzuo blew it for me last year). I watch some soccer too. I’ll watch an English Premier League (mostly just Tottenham) if I get up early enough or if the United States National team is playing. Now despite being a big sports fan I only really play one sport and it’s the sport that I only watch in passing, soccer. Since my high school days, most people I meet are surprised when I tell them that I play soccer. I’m don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a “soccer player look” (whatever that is) or perhaps because everyone knows me for other things; academics, comics, etc. Anyways I’ve been playing soccer for a good ten years and am continuing the trend again this semester. I’m on three intramural soccer teams; an all men’s outdoor team where we are the defending champions and two indoor teams, one co-ed and one all male. I really want to win an indoor championship so I can say I’ve won in both sports.

So this week was ‘preseason’ which means the games don’t count towards a record but a good for warming up and getting resituated with the sport. I haven’t played any real soccer since winning in Outdoor last December. So playing in my first game was something else. I was extremely tired and out of breath and it didn’t help that we were short one player. I was running up and down the field with lots of energy at first and by the last few minutes I fine just staying back and defending. We ended up winning the game 2-1, so that’s nice, but at some point in the game and for the life of me I can’t quite remember when I got ‘hurt.’ I apparently bruised my ankle and it got swollen pretty badly. I didn’t feel it until I got home and sat down for a few minutes. I tried to get up but every time I put pressure on the ankle it hurt. So the next day I kind of hobbled to school, it hurt only slightly so I was able to walk to school (of course it was raining so that sucked but at the same time numbed my ankle so that was helpful).
I had another game on Wednesday (Indoor) and by then I was able to walk and jog but couldn’t really shoot the ball. So I spent pretty much the entire game playing with my left foot. Luckily for me I learned to use my left foot almost as good as my right foot when I was younger. After that game I was just as tired as I was on Monday and extra sweaty (it gets really hot in the basketball gym). I’m just glad that I didn’t hurt the ankle any further.

After these two last games I’ve been hitting the gym up again and started working on my cardio because I do not enjoy the feeling of being out of breathe. Plus I’ve always had this personal rule that if I can’t run a mile in under eight minutes I have no business playing soccer. As of right now I can easily do one in seven and a half minutes and maybe less if I actually push myself.

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m playing indoor co-ed too! What’s the name of the indoor co-ed team that you play on?

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