I got something on my chest…

I have a good amount of stuff to do for school. It may only be the end of the second week, but I have major research to do, along with an essay due in a few weeks and lots of reading. So I’ll give you a break down for the rest of my semester: read, write, re-read, re-write, rewrite one more time, and turn it in. Just like that I have given you an overview of my academic life. Anyways I’m not here to talk about my boring academic life. No today I’m here to talk about T-shirts!

So first off we have my Brandon Graham/Neil Gaiman shirt. Neil Gaiman has this poem entitled “The Day that the Saucers Came” which is very entertaining. Neil Gaiman collaborated with a group of artists to have the poem broken up into four different parts and each shirt had one part and one artist work on it. The other three weren’t that bad, and I even thought of getting the John Cassaday one, but none of them were as good as Graham’s. He’s been one of my favorite artist as of late, go read King City, and his use of what he likes to call ice cream colors just makes the shirt pop out. On top of that the back page is a comic book page. This shirt has become one of my favorites.

Next up we have my Demon Days shirt. This is the oldest piece of clothing that I both still own and still wear. I got this shirt shortly after the Album dropped which means I got the shirt before I started 9th grade and back then the shirt was legitimately gray, now as you can see it looks white. This shirt has gone through a lot of wear and only some tear. It has a few small holes near the bottom of it. Over the years I’ve kind of shifted the kind of shirts I wore. Started off wear a lot of graphic tees, then just a couple of blank shirts with superhero logos and a few band name shirts and now I wear blank shirts or shirts with a minimalistic designs. Now through each of these phases, I’ve always worn this shirt. I can’t help it I love this band, album, and shirt. As for the album there are only two other albums that I’ve heard that are as ‘perfect’ as Demon Days: Interpol’s “Turn of the Bright Lights” and Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.”

Here we have a few of my superhero shirts, my new favorite being my Animal Man one. I was, and still fairly am, really into Green Lantern.

And you can bet that I’ll be wearing these during the summer. I’m not sure which I’ll wear on opening day though, depends on the weather and if I have enough money to get myself a new Kershaw Jersey.

Finally my Bob Dylan shirt that is suppose to be worn inside out, trendy right…

So there you go, if you ever see me on campus I might be wearing one of these shirts unless its cold out then you’ll probably just see me wearing a hoodie.

2 comments to I got something on my chest…

  1. anthonymsilva says:

    Oh man, the first shirt is amazing! I love the Lantern shirts too. And the Dylan shirt. You have a good selection going!

  2. elitamcfadden says:

    I agree with Anthony, I really like your selection of graphic tee’s. ESPECIALLLLLLLLY the Gorillaz tee simply because I have one also–that’s fair. haha

    Thanks for sharing! =)

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