Incredibly Long Titles for Classes is Never a Good Sign

The first week has come and gone for me and for the first time in my college career I don’t have a Friday class (this probably because I’m not taking any Sociology classes, seriously those things are always MWF for 50 minutes). In addition to that I only have afternoon classes like last year. I must say that starting class at 12 isn’t all that bad since I was in the same situation last year (and usually like to sleep till 10 or so), but starting class at 2 o’clock is just flat out weird. On Tuesday, when I started class at 2, I pretty much had a full day before going to class. I woke up fairly early, 830, so I went to the grocery store that morning, made a light breakfast, went to the gym for an hour or so, came home showered, played some X-Box, watched an episode of Fringe, made lunch then left for class. I never have this much free time before class, however I figure once tours start up again I’ll be doing those in the morning (Still those are done by 1230 so that’s an hour and a half before class starts).

Time seems to be an odd thing for me this semester, like I just ranted about above ^, I don’t start class until the afternoon and on top of that I have two night classes giving me break long breaks between my classes (two 4 hour breaks). Which means I get to spend a lot of time in the library reading, working on homework, and typing things up (things like this which I am currently typing up in the library, although I don’t have night class tonight I’m just trying to get a good chunk of my homework done before I go home and to type up this particular blog post). The nice thing about my timing situation is that I only have one class twice a week and as previously stated no class on Friday.

So enough with this nonsense about time, I’m here to talk about my first week of school. So my class schedule is the following (note: I’ve probably stated this before, but don’t want to bother to go back and look at past blog posts and I know you don’t either):

Monday and Wednesday (for some reason I can never type up Wednesday right the first time):

Senior Seminar: Multicultural Literature and Ethnic American Graphic Novels. Long title, I know, but I have a gut feeling that this will be my favorite class (which is saying something this semester). I have this feeling mostly because I get to talk about comics in class and get to do so for a long period of time (both time wise in the class and time wise over the course of the semester). I love comics and own and read far too many for my own good (I’ll post an image of my *updated* bookshelf one day). The other cool thing about this class is that I have a lot of freedom with respect to my final 17-20 page paper. I’m an individual who likes to think big (go big or go home), so not having to force an idea that can span 20 pages into 8 will be great. The problem now is figuring out what to do, actually it’s more like: should I do this one or this one scenario. By the way the first comic/graphic novel we’re doing is Will Eisner’s A Contract With God and sometimes it’s hard to contain everything I want to say.

Tuesday and Thursday:

British Romantic Literature: This is a class I’ve been waiting to take since I finished my first semester of college (I’ve been trying to get a good grip on the Romantics since that class). This class seems like it’s going to be like a survey of all the major Romantic writers and we’ll mostly be looking at poetry. I’ve had this particular professor before, it’s the same one who I took my first semester, so I kind of know how he likes to run the class. He likes to get us going early, by that I mean the topic of our term paper is due in like 2 weeks. So I have only a few days to come up with a topic and am having the same probably that I have in senior seminar; I don’t know which topic to pick! I could go the Blake route, or talk about the Byronic Hero, There are some good epics that seem like proto-existential texts (Manfred and Don Juan by Byron), Jon Keats and his use of Mythology (both Greek and Christian), and Prometheus Unbound might be fun to tackle. There are just too many choices!

Tuesday Night:

Advance Study in History of Philosophy: Nietzsche: Yet another long title. This class seems like it’s going to be both interesting and tiring. I went Tuesday night to class and we went over the syllabus for almost three hours. I literary sat in my chair, which was in the front, for almost three full hours. The instructor was very passionate, and you’d have to be to talk for nearly three hours straight about a topic. We went over themes we will be covering in the class and the shift in Nietzsche’s writing and philosophy from his early stuff to this later stuff. I want to study Critical Theory in graduate school so this is why I like taking philosophy classes (and the Sociology theory classes, that and to boost my gpa). I will be doing a lot of close reading and writing.  I want to know all about these different schools of thought. Professor Carroll is very good at this here at our school.

Wednesday Night:

War and Peace Cluster Part 2: Physics for War, Physics for Peace. This is the second half of my half English, Half Physics class that fulfills my F1 GE and lets me learn about post-WW2 literature and films. Oh and I get to learn about nuclear energy and how nuclear weapons work and the risks and junk, it’s actually really interesting. The big thing in the class this semester is a debate which takes places at the end so that should be interesting. I myself am no stranger to debates, as I don them quite frequently online with random people around the world (mostly about comics, movies, sports, etc). However, this time I should probably use cleaner and more formal/proper language. And, unlike my other night class, I actually got a break so that was nice.

So yeah, moral of the blog, if you pick classes with really long titles, you’ll probably be doing a lot of work in them. Like writing 20 page papers and doing lots of close readings and writings.

Oh, by the way guess who got opening day tickets to the Giants @ Dodgers in LA on April first? I’ll give you a hint it’s the guy pointing one thumb at himself while he writes this blog/sentence. Here’s another hint it’s me. Yes, on the first day of spring break I’ll be at Dodger stadium in the afternoon sitting in the bleachers with my Dad and brother watching the Dodgers take on the Giants. I can’t wait to see how many Giants Kershaw strikes out. I can’t think of anything I rather do on a last spring day in Los Angeles than watch a Dodger game live.
“Is it April yet?”-this line is taken form The Lucksmiths’s –A Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco.

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  1. Kara says:

    Oh hey, I bet you’re doing Love and Rockets in that one class. Though, sidenote, I maintain that physics classes that don’t have math prereqs aren’t really physics classes.

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