One Week Left (Also Archer is back on Television!)

In one weeks time school starts up again. It has been a long break and much like muscles, the brain must be stretched before using it again. You don’t get up out of bed after a month of doing nothing and then attempt to go play a full soccer match or run a couple miles. If you do that you’ll probably get a cramp or just get fatigued and quit halfway. So before school fully starts and I’m expected to write and analysis I figure I should start using (stretching) my brain before school starts. As a part of my year long Physics/English course I have a winter assignment to do (and yes I have already started it) so this is some good practice to do before school starts. The novel we had to read was “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute and I actually really enjoyed it. The novel was about the last days/weeks/months of human beings on earth after the events of a major nuclear war.

Along with starting to get my brain ready for the upcoming academic semester, I’ve finally started working again and after not giving tours for a month it always takes the first tour to get back into the rhythm of things. I’ve had work every day this past week so it looks like I will make some money for this month (hopefully enough to pay for some bills). The one thing I’ve yet to get use to here in Turlock is the weather. It has been in the low 30s to 50s when I walk to work or give tours and my apartment is always cold because I don’t run the heater (save myself some money by not running it and sleeping in sweats and thermals every day). Back in Los Angeles it was constantly mid 60s or 70s in the day time. Luckily it seems to be getting warmer as of late.

So my favorite thing to do in my cold apartment is lay in bed (with my sweats and thermal), a nice blanket, and watch something on Netflix. My guilty pleasure is sitcoms and comedies so I was lucky to find two great ones on Netflix.

The first one has become one of my favorite TV shows and has climbed the ranking among my favorite comedies. The show is called The League and it’s about this group of friends and their fantasy football league. This show shows the dedication that these friends have for not only one another but for their Fantasy football teams. I was lying in my bed unable to sleep so I turned on the first episode on my tablet and needless to say I was hooked. I spent the rest of the night watching season one. By Wednesday I was done with all four seasons of the show.

The other show is Better of Ted which isn’t as funny as The League but makes for a great show to watch when you’re eating breakfast in the morning or want to watch something to pass the time. It only lasted two seasons but was enjoyable none the less. It s about an executive named Ted who works at a company that makes all kinds of crazy things (like hover suits for children and weaponized pumpkins). The cool thing about the show is that it takes place almost completely at the workplace so it’s like a crazier version of The Office (only I like this show a lot more).

New List of Best Comedies on TV:
1-Archer (The new season just started and the first episode was amazing)
2-The League
3-New Girl
4-Regular Show (mindless but fun)
5-Men at Work/Franklin and Bash (two summer shows)
I also started watching Fringe so I hope I can finish all 100 episodes before February 7th (that’s when my free Amazon video trial expires). Each episode is 40 minutes so that’s a lot of hours to watch in a short time span.

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  1. anthonymsilva says:

    You, sir, deserve a round of applause for your comedy choices! The League, Archer, and Regular Show are all fantastic. I’ll have to check out the other shows on your list!

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