Birthday Yawns

Yeah it was my birthday yesterday was bittersweet day to say the least. I was welcomed with some wonderful gifts from my family. Yes, they sent me my present with enough time to reach me for my birthday and I truly appreciated it. Although I resisted temptation and waited till midnight to open them, and speaking of midnight I was greeted with a special surprise by my roommates. When the clock struck midnight my roommates came in a charging into my room and promptly ‘beat me’ over the head with pillows. We all remember middle school where we had our friends punch us the same number of years we were, well it was kind of like that. It was simple light hearted fun.


Now if that wasn’t enough, I was greeted with another wonderful surprise on my return from work (which I will get to shortly). One of my roommates tried it luck at some poetics, and I am one who loves poetry both writing and reading it. It’s safe to say that he’s not the next Walt Whitman or Billy Collins, but it was enjoyable none the less (I especially enjoyed the last two verses). Then later that night the four of us headed down to Wingstop for dinner, and man that was delicious. I love that as a student I get free fries with any purchase. So that was one of the highlights of my day and really grateful for that gift. I cliché goes ‘I have the world’s greatest roommates’ well I’m not going to say that, but those of you who do all I can say is that my roommates will give yours a run for their money.


Next up was the small down sides to this merry 20th birthday. First off it was on Wednesday which meant I had class (but it was also new comic book day so it wasn’t all that bad). No, what upset me was my grade on an essay I received back. I didn’t receive an A, I got a passing great, but not one I was satisfied with. This is where my unhealthy obsession figures in. In my mind I’m 20 years old, two years removed from High School, and am an English major. For me to do mediocre on a paper is unacceptable, it makes me cringe and really question my ability. Every time I feel like I’m making progress I feel like I just end up five feet back again. It’s really frustrating, and is my own fault.


I know I shouldn’t have such ‘high’ standard and shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself but I do, I can’t help it. Even though I may be frustrated right now, I know it will pass, it’s happened to me before (like last semester, with the same professor), and I’ll march on though and improve my ability, I do have two years left. So after 24 hours of thinking about it, the frustration has passed, kind of, and I was able to help myself a little as well. I plan on heading into my professor’s office on Monday and talk to her (like I did all of last semester) and in addition to that I’m scheduling a meeting with another of my English professors to go over some writing techniques and if that wasn’t enough I’m heading into another professor’s office to talk about my thesis and writing as well. This paper has been a wakeup call and I’m ready to take on the challenge.


Finally I’d like to talk a little bit about ‘manners’ in class. Today in my morning classes my professor became a little irritated by students loudly yawing in class. I fully understand both sides of the spectrum. Sometimes as students we work late into the night and have little sleep or energy going into class in the morning. I understand that sometimes we can’t help but yawn, but my advice is to keep it as silent as possible or just walk out and do it. Loudly yawing in class is disrespectful to instructors. How would you feel if you wake up early and are trying to teach these students and you hear a loud yawn, especially more than once. It is almost like a universal sound of boredom and that you’re not awake. So next time you’re in class and you can feel the yawn coming keep it quite.

Also as a note, my writing process is still underway and I got an extension on one paper which will be followed by another paper and two exams next week. So yeah my writing process post will most likely come at the end of next week or the following.

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  1. Sara says:

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday! :)

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