The last 24 plus hours have been the longest hours of my life. As I type this right now I have been awake since 9 am Sunday Morning. Yes I’ve been up more than 24 hours working on my senior paper (Oh yeah I had two soccer games on Sunday too!). Normally I wouldn’t stay up this late and I actually had about half of it done but when I finally went to go work on the second draft I thought it would be a good idea to take another look at the primary text to find some places where I can possible find some good sections to do analysis on. This was both a good and bad idea. I started working on the first volume doing some light notes, but before I knew it was rewriting my entire draft. From around 9 o’clock at night until about 1 in the morning I rewrote my entire draft on a about 25 or so pieces of notebook paper. Rather than stop there and sleep I decided to start typing up those notes/draft on my computer while editing them and slowly transformed it into a draft. By the time it was 6 in the morning the sun was out and I was ready to shower. I then got ready for school but before that I got my package which contained some comics and a movie I ordered not too long ago. As I walked to school I had an energy drink in my bag and mixed it with a nice chocolate bar donut as I finished typing up my paper.
By noon I was done with the initial draft, but like any good English major I took that initial draft to my professor to go over it with her because I wanted a little feed back before doing some minor editing and turning it in. In the end the paper ended up being 29 pages, 18 of analysis, 2 page works cited, 1 page notes page, and 8 pages of figures that were referenced in the paper. This has been the heaviest/longest paper I’ve ever written and honestly I still have a couple of ideas that I might sneak into the paper before turning it in for the final time. However, after today I don’t plan on thinking about or touching that paper until next week when I have to present part of it in a panel presentation. But don’t worry folks I still have plenty to write, a short 4 page philosophy paper (seriously 4 is short compared to 20) and about a 10 page paper due next week that I’m ¾ of the way done with (I’m not going back and rewriting this one). The one thing I will say about writing my senior paper is that I’ve gotten the chance to play with some new toys. Before this long paper I never used foot/end notes, figures/diagrams, or used an actual quote from the text in my title. It’s also nice not having to restrict my ideas to sorter papers with these longer drafts I can let my imagination go wild. Who says that academic papers can’t be creative or pieces of art. I’m thinking of polishing my Shakespeare paper from last year and submitting it to Penumbra (our literary and art book) next year.

Here’s an energy drink update. Let’s see how many I’ll have by the end of the year. I don’t like coffee and the Monster Rehabs are non -carbonated so I like to drink those. Was not a fan of the Starbucks refreshers.

I also picked up the new DC fighting game “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” I don’t have too much time to play it but my verdict so far is that it’s alright. As a DC game it’s great fun, as a fighting game it’s barely average. I think I’ll stick to Street Fighter for my fighting game itch.

So tired…

For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m pushing my own limit (in a good way). I’m in the middle of working on three different papers, all of which I want to turn out good and have interesting subjects. I’ve been working my butt of writing and reading what feels like countless pieces of scholarship. I have a ton of books checked out of the library and to be honest I can’t wait until May is over so I can relax a little bit, academically of course. In addition to pushing myself academically I have a good amount of work on my plate, I’m working 4 days a week now in the office, so I’m getting good hours which is nice because I have bills to pay and have to pay for a few new things. Finally I’m playing lots and lots of soccer. As for right now I’m currently on 5 different teams, 3 intramural teams and 2 Sunday league teams. That is five games a week on average, as of right now my intramural team is in playoffs so there is only a week or two of those matches left. I’ve recently signed up for two different Sunday league teams. One is an outdoor team where we play 11 on 11 with 45 minute halves just like in high school. This is the first time I’ve played in this format since February of my senior year in high school, three years ago. So when I played my first game I was pretty out of breath. The other team is an indoor team where we play two 25 minute halves. The arena was extremely hot today. I felt like I was going to collapse at one point due to heat exhaustion (I had a game about 2 hours before hand where I ‘over did it’ and was wearing a long sleeve). So right now as I type this I’m an extremely sore and tired and feel like ending this post right here. Hopefully I can mange some spare time to post another few post.

Two Weeks

It’s been a long two weeks. I’ve experienced the trials of college with papers and presentations everyday and the wonders of spring break where I sat around doing absolutely nothing. So here is a small picture tour of my last few weeks.

First of all this is the pile. The week before spring break was pretty bad for me because I had something due every day. On Monday I had a presentation, then another presentation on Tuesday, followed by an abstract due Wednesday, a rough draft due Thursday, and to top it off a paper due on Friday. It was rough.

To keep up with all the work I had to do before spring break I had a few of these. Yes for six straight days I was up all night working on something. I personally like the Rehab ones because they are not carbonated.

On Thursday, the 28th, it was my 21st birthday so my wonderful coworkers decorated my desk.

Once that “wonderful” week was over, it was time for spring break. The highlight of spring break for me was opening day. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always wanted to go to opening day with my dad and I finally got a chance to experience it.

This man right here was the stud of the game. Mr. Clayton Kershaw is my favorite player in baseball and probably (no I’m certain) the best pitcher in the National League. I’ve been going to Dodger games for years and always miss his starts so on top of getting to go to opening day with my dad, I got to watch my favorite player pitch (against the rival Giants of all teams).

It was a close game for 7 and a half innings but then Kershaw came up to bat in the bottom of the 8th and hit his first career home run to dead center (395 ft). The entire place exploded, I was jumping up in down, screaming, high fiving people I’ve never met, the atmosphere was amazing. So what does Kershaw do next, he comes out to get the complete game shut out. I took a picture of the final score and for a good 20 minutes after the last out was recorded I was sit in my seat area celebrating, high fiving, dancing on top of the seats. If you ever met me you’ll notice that I’m a pretty quite guy but at that game I released all my emotions and let them flow through me and out of me. I was the complete opposite of who I normally am.

Later in the week I spent an entire day just reading comic books (and I finally got to go to the comicbook store), eating chilli cheese fries (which just might be my favorite food), and watching baseball on the couch.

I did a few other things like go to the movies. I saw “Spring Breakers”, it was a little disappointing especially compared to “Kids” and I also saw the remake of “Evil Dead” which was entertaining and really did seem like a more serious version of the original (which is wonderful in a campy kind of way). So yeah, spring break is over and it’s time to go and spend the next two months writing and writing and writing.

All I want to do is watch baseball and eat chilli chesse fries….


So now a days I don’t give as many tours as I use to. Instead I work in the office a lot more (3 times a week) and have some how managed to get my own desk. So over the course of the last year I’ve been adding stuff here and there to it. I figure I need something to look at while I punch in stats or count materials.

So first off this is my wall. I have three Jason cartoon/comic pages on there. I can relate to all three and I enjoy them greatly. The first is an individual sitting in his cave then gets up shaves, gets dressed, then goes out into the world. This is how I feel almost every day of my life. The second page is a person waiting at a bus stop, counting change while the waiting for the bus. Growing up in LA I tended to take the bus pretty often to a lot of places so this struck a cord with me. The final page is a picture of a student sitting in classes drawing (batman of all things) while the teacher talks. I’ve been doing this most of my school life. I also have a picture of Clayton Kershaw’s number 22 (go Dodgers) and some nice little gifts that my co-works gave me. And Finally I found this funny cartoon called “Frank has an existential crisis over gum.” It’s funny because my name is Frank, I look somewhat similar to the person in the cartoon, I chew a good amount of gum, and I do study Existentialism.

This is my computer and wallpaper. It’s a man jumping off a building. Now I don’t have this image because it’s morbid. Instead when I see this picture I think of a certain Neil Gaiman quote: “Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”

So yeah that’s my little work station in MSR 140.


So as a college student living on his own off campus eating dinner has become a different for me. When I lived on campus I was required to have a meal plan which meant I could easily walk to one of the eateries on campus and get some food in a relatively quick manner. When I go home for breaks I have my mother make me dinner. Oh, how life was easy then. Now a days I am responsible for making/acquiring dinner and since I don’t like to eat out every day (1-it’s expensive and 2-I like to be somewhat healthy) I’ve been cooking my own dinner for the past two semesters. So I’ve decided to upload some pictures of my various different dinners.

Don’t always have to eat healthy…

The Perfect Morning

The nice thing about having no morning classes is the freedom to do whatever you want in the morning. Most of the time, for me at least, that means sleeping in. Sometimes it means I can review or finish off some homework. But every once in a while it means I can relax and pretend it summer.
What I mean by that last statement is that I can sit around in a pair of shorts with my breakfast (brunch?) and watch some baseball and that is what I did this morning.

The MLB season officially starts on Sunday March 31st (opening night) and April 1st (opening day) but right now it is spring training so there is still some baseball to watch. The thing about spring training games is that they are not always aired on TV, so it’s not like I can watch the Dodgers play every day. However, they did play today and yes it was televised and let me tell you it was wonderful. I fired up my computer and found a stream of the game. I had my comfortable shorts and tank top on with a nice bowl of cereal to appease my hunger. For an hour and a half before my first class I just sat there watching baseball, it felt like summer again.

So how could this be any better you may ask? Well the game was being called by the great Vin Scully, the voice of the Dodgers for 60 plus years, Clayton Kershaw pitched three solid innings while striking out seven batters, there was interview with the great Sandy Koufax, and the Dodgers were winning. It put me in a great mood. There is nothing better than sitting around watching baseball on a lazy afternoon. The only bad thing about this morning was that I didn’t get to finish watching the game because I had to leave for class, but for a good minute I thought about skipping class so I could finish watching the game, but eventually deiced against it. I’ll have plenty of lazy afternoon games this summer. That and school is important and all that junk.

Is it April yet?

After School Activities

It’s that time of year again, intramurals have started! I spent a bulk of my days going to school and doing school related work so it’s nice to be able to unwind for an hour or so. I love sports. I’m a big baseball nut, I watch games from the start of Spring Training to the last game of the World Series and I make sure to keep up with all those ridiculous numbers involved. I watch Football every Sunday during football season and know my fair share of statistics there as well. Every March I have a bracket ready for March Madness and watch games all day hoping that my bracket is at least half right (Duke and Mizzuo blew it for me last year). I watch some soccer too. I’ll watch an English Premier League (mostly just Tottenham) if I get up early enough or if the United States National team is playing. Now despite being a big sports fan I only really play one sport and it’s the sport that I only watch in passing, soccer. Since my high school days, most people I meet are surprised when I tell them that I play soccer. I’m don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a “soccer player look” (whatever that is) or perhaps because everyone knows me for other things; academics, comics, etc. Anyways I’ve been playing soccer for a good ten years and am continuing the trend again this semester. I’m on three intramural soccer teams; an all men’s outdoor team where we are the defending champions and two indoor teams, one co-ed and one all male. I really want to win an indoor championship so I can say I’ve won in both sports.

So this week was ‘preseason’ which means the games don’t count towards a record but a good for warming up and getting resituated with the sport. I haven’t played any real soccer since winning in Outdoor last December. So playing in my first game was something else. I was extremely tired and out of breath and it didn’t help that we were short one player. I was running up and down the field with lots of energy at first and by the last few minutes I fine just staying back and defending. We ended up winning the game 2-1, so that’s nice, but at some point in the game and for the life of me I can’t quite remember when I got ‘hurt.’ I apparently bruised my ankle and it got swollen pretty badly. I didn’t feel it until I got home and sat down for a few minutes. I tried to get up but every time I put pressure on the ankle it hurt. So the next day I kind of hobbled to school, it hurt only slightly so I was able to walk to school (of course it was raining so that sucked but at the same time numbed my ankle so that was helpful).
I had another game on Wednesday (Indoor) and by then I was able to walk and jog but couldn’t really shoot the ball. So I spent pretty much the entire game playing with my left foot. Luckily for me I learned to use my left foot almost as good as my right foot when I was younger. After that game I was just as tired as I was on Monday and extra sweaty (it gets really hot in the basketball gym). I’m just glad that I didn’t hurt the ankle any further.

After these two last games I’ve been hitting the gym up again and started working on my cardio because I do not enjoy the feeling of being out of breathe. Plus I’ve always had this personal rule that if I can’t run a mile in under eight minutes I have no business playing soccer. As of right now I can easily do one in seven and a half minutes and maybe less if I actually push myself.

I got something on my chest…

I have a good amount of stuff to do for school. It may only be the end of the second week, but I have major research to do, along with an essay due in a few weeks and lots of reading. So I’ll give you a break down for the rest of my semester: read, write, re-read, re-write, rewrite one more time, and turn it in. Just like that I have given you an overview of my academic life. Anyways I’m not here to talk about my boring academic life. No today I’m here to talk about T-shirts!

So first off we have my Brandon Graham/Neil Gaiman shirt. Neil Gaiman has this poem entitled “The Day that the Saucers Came” which is very entertaining. Neil Gaiman collaborated with a group of artists to have the poem broken up into four different parts and each shirt had one part and one artist work on it. The other three weren’t that bad, and I even thought of getting the John Cassaday one, but none of them were as good as Graham’s. He’s been one of my favorite artist as of late, go read King City, and his use of what he likes to call ice cream colors just makes the shirt pop out. On top of that the back page is a comic book page. This shirt has become one of my favorites.

Next up we have my Demon Days shirt. This is the oldest piece of clothing that I both still own and still wear. I got this shirt shortly after the Album dropped which means I got the shirt before I started 9th grade and back then the shirt was legitimately gray, now as you can see it looks white. This shirt has gone through a lot of wear and only some tear. It has a few small holes near the bottom of it. Over the years I’ve kind of shifted the kind of shirts I wore. Started off wear a lot of graphic tees, then just a couple of blank shirts with superhero logos and a few band name shirts and now I wear blank shirts or shirts with a minimalistic designs. Now through each of these phases, I’ve always worn this shirt. I can’t help it I love this band, album, and shirt. As for the album there are only two other albums that I’ve heard that are as ‘perfect’ as Demon Days: Interpol’s “Turn of the Bright Lights” and Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.”

Here we have a few of my superhero shirts, my new favorite being my Animal Man one. I was, and still fairly am, really into Green Lantern.

And you can bet that I’ll be wearing these during the summer. I’m not sure which I’ll wear on opening day though, depends on the weather and if I have enough money to get myself a new Kershaw Jersey.

Finally my Bob Dylan shirt that is suppose to be worn inside out, trendy right…

So there you go, if you ever see me on campus I might be wearing one of these shirts unless its cold out then you’ll probably just see me wearing a hoodie.

Incredibly Long Titles for Classes is Never a Good Sign

The first week has come and gone for me and for the first time in my college career I don’t have a Friday class (this probably because I’m not taking any Sociology classes, seriously those things are always MWF for 50 minutes). In addition to that I only have afternoon classes like last year. I must say that starting class at 12 isn’t all that bad since I was in the same situation last year (and usually like to sleep till 10 or so), but starting class at 2 o’clock is just flat out weird. On Tuesday, when I started class at 2, I pretty much had a full day before going to class. I woke up fairly early, 830, so I went to the grocery store that morning, made a light breakfast, went to the gym for an hour or so, came home showered, played some X-Box, watched an episode of Fringe, made lunch then left for class. I never have this much free time before class, however I figure once tours start up again I’ll be doing those in the morning (Still those are done by 1230 so that’s an hour and a half before class starts).

Time seems to be an odd thing for me this semester, like I just ranted about above ^, I don’t start class until the afternoon and on top of that I have two night classes giving me break long breaks between my classes (two 4 hour breaks). Which means I get to spend a lot of time in the library reading, working on homework, and typing things up (things like this which I am currently typing up in the library, although I don’t have night class tonight I’m just trying to get a good chunk of my homework done before I go home and to type up this particular blog post). The nice thing about my timing situation is that I only have one class twice a week and as previously stated no class on Friday.

So enough with this nonsense about time, I’m here to talk about my first week of school. So my class schedule is the following (note: I’ve probably stated this before, but don’t want to bother to go back and look at past blog posts and I know you don’t either):

Monday and Wednesday (for some reason I can never type up Wednesday right the first time):

Senior Seminar: Multicultural Literature and Ethnic American Graphic Novels. Long title, I know, but I have a gut feeling that this will be my favorite class (which is saying something this semester). I have this feeling mostly because I get to talk about comics in class and get to do so for a long period of time (both time wise in the class and time wise over the course of the semester). I love comics and own and read far too many for my own good (I’ll post an image of my *updated* bookshelf one day). The other cool thing about this class is that I have a lot of freedom with respect to my final 17-20 page paper. I’m an individual who likes to think big (go big or go home), so not having to force an idea that can span 20 pages into 8 will be great. The problem now is figuring out what to do, actually it’s more like: should I do this one or this one scenario. By the way the first comic/graphic novel we’re doing is Will Eisner’s A Contract With God and sometimes it’s hard to contain everything I want to say.

Tuesday and Thursday:

British Romantic Literature: This is a class I’ve been waiting to take since I finished my first semester of college (I’ve been trying to get a good grip on the Romantics since that class). This class seems like it’s going to be like a survey of all the major Romantic writers and we’ll mostly be looking at poetry. I’ve had this particular professor before, it’s the same one who I took my first semester, so I kind of know how he likes to run the class. He likes to get us going early, by that I mean the topic of our term paper is due in like 2 weeks. So I have only a few days to come up with a topic and am having the same probably that I have in senior seminar; I don’t know which topic to pick! I could go the Blake route, or talk about the Byronic Hero, There are some good epics that seem like proto-existential texts (Manfred and Don Juan by Byron), Jon Keats and his use of Mythology (both Greek and Christian), and Prometheus Unbound might be fun to tackle. There are just too many choices!

Tuesday Night:

Advance Study in History of Philosophy: Nietzsche: Yet another long title. This class seems like it’s going to be both interesting and tiring. I went Tuesday night to class and we went over the syllabus for almost three hours. I literary sat in my chair, which was in the front, for almost three full hours. The instructor was very passionate, and you’d have to be to talk for nearly three hours straight about a topic. We went over themes we will be covering in the class and the shift in Nietzsche’s writing and philosophy from his early stuff to this later stuff. I want to study Critical Theory in graduate school so this is why I like taking philosophy classes (and the Sociology theory classes, that and to boost my gpa). I will be doing a lot of close reading and writing.  I want to know all about these different schools of thought. Professor Carroll is very good at this here at our school.

Wednesday Night:

War and Peace Cluster Part 2: Physics for War, Physics for Peace. This is the second half of my half English, Half Physics class that fulfills my F1 GE and lets me learn about post-WW2 literature and films. Oh and I get to learn about nuclear energy and how nuclear weapons work and the risks and junk, it’s actually really interesting. The big thing in the class this semester is a debate which takes places at the end so that should be interesting. I myself am no stranger to debates, as I don them quite frequently online with random people around the world (mostly about comics, movies, sports, etc). However, this time I should probably use cleaner and more formal/proper language. And, unlike my other night class, I actually got a break so that was nice.

So yeah, moral of the blog, if you pick classes with really long titles, you’ll probably be doing a lot of work in them. Like writing 20 page papers and doing lots of close readings and writings.

Oh, by the way guess who got opening day tickets to the Giants @ Dodgers in LA on April first? I’ll give you a hint it’s the guy pointing one thumb at himself while he writes this blog/sentence. Here’s another hint it’s me. Yes, on the first day of spring break I’ll be at Dodger stadium in the afternoon sitting in the bleachers with my Dad and brother watching the Dodgers take on the Giants. I can’t wait to see how many Giants Kershaw strikes out. I can’t think of anything I rather do on a last spring day in Los Angeles than watch a Dodger game live.
“Is it April yet?”-this line is taken form The Lucksmiths’s –A Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco.

One Week Left (Also Archer is back on Television!)

In one weeks time school starts up again. It has been a long break and much like muscles, the brain must be stretched before using it again. You don’t get up out of bed after a month of doing nothing and then attempt to go play a full soccer match or run a couple miles. If you do that you’ll probably get a cramp or just get fatigued and quit halfway. So before school fully starts and I’m expected to write and analysis I figure I should start using (stretching) my brain before school starts. As a part of my year long Physics/English course I have a winter assignment to do (and yes I have already started it) so this is some good practice to do before school starts. The novel we had to read was “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute and I actually really enjoyed it. The novel was about the last days/weeks/months of human beings on earth after the events of a major nuclear war.

Along with starting to get my brain ready for the upcoming academic semester, I’ve finally started working again and after not giving tours for a month it always takes the first tour to get back into the rhythm of things. I’ve had work every day this past week so it looks like I will make some money for this month (hopefully enough to pay for some bills). The one thing I’ve yet to get use to here in Turlock is the weather. It has been in the low 30s to 50s when I walk to work or give tours and my apartment is always cold because I don’t run the heater (save myself some money by not running it and sleeping in sweats and thermals every day). Back in Los Angeles it was constantly mid 60s or 70s in the day time. Luckily it seems to be getting warmer as of late.

So my favorite thing to do in my cold apartment is lay in bed (with my sweats and thermal), a nice blanket, and watch something on Netflix. My guilty pleasure is sitcoms and comedies so I was lucky to find two great ones on Netflix.

The first one has become one of my favorite TV shows and has climbed the ranking among my favorite comedies. The show is called The League and it’s about this group of friends and their fantasy football league. This show shows the dedication that these friends have for not only one another but for their Fantasy football teams. I was lying in my bed unable to sleep so I turned on the first episode on my tablet and needless to say I was hooked. I spent the rest of the night watching season one. By Wednesday I was done with all four seasons of the show.

The other show is Better of Ted which isn’t as funny as The League but makes for a great show to watch when you’re eating breakfast in the morning or want to watch something to pass the time. It only lasted two seasons but was enjoyable none the less. It s about an executive named Ted who works at a company that makes all kinds of crazy things (like hover suits for children and weaponized pumpkins). The cool thing about the show is that it takes place almost completely at the workplace so it’s like a crazier version of The Office (only I like this show a lot more).

New List of Best Comedies on TV:
1-Archer (The new season just started and the first episode was amazing)
2-The League
3-New Girl
4-Regular Show (mindless but fun)
5-Men at Work/Franklin and Bash (two summer shows)
I also started watching Fringe so I hope I can finish all 100 episodes before February 7th (that’s when my free Amazon video trial expires). Each episode is 40 minutes so that’s a lot of hours to watch in a short time span.